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About BRIDGES Sports

What is BRIDGES?

Building Relationships Intentionally that Develop Gifts and Encourage Service

BRIDGES is a community-focused sports program in Olathe, Kansas that not only provides a place for players to develop athletic skills, build good character and develop good sportsmanship and teamwork traits, but is also a place where people are intentional about building relationships with each other and those in our community through conversation, sports and community service. 

BRIDGES currently offers youth soccer (5-13 year olds) in the Spring, adult volleyball (13+) in the Summer, and youth NFL flag football (5-13 year olds) in the Fall.  All games are held on the BRIDGES Sports Fields which are located on the NW corner of 175th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, Kansas. 

Thank you for checking us out! Please feel free to email us at bridgeskc@gmail.com! We look forward to meeting you!



Spring 2021 update:  Due to all the current uncertainties we're facing, our BRIDGES soccer season will not be held this year.  We hope to return next year, stronger and better than ever. Thank you so much for your involvement and support!  If you aren't already part of our email list, send us a quick note at bridgeskc@gmail.com to add you to our list. That way you will receive future updates!

BRIDGES Soccer is a coed league for kids 5-13 years of age. BRIDGES Soccer players participate in a 7-week schedule (including playoffs) on Saturday mornings in the Spring. We have 3 divisions: A Young Division (approx. 4-6 year olds), a Middle Division (approx. 7-9 year olds) and an Upper Division (approx. 10-13 year olds).  All games are played on the BRIDGES Soccer Fields located on the NW corner of 175th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, KS.



BRIDGES Volleyball is a coed teen/adult (13+) 4 v 4 outdoor volleyball league in Olathe, Kansas that is an exciting way to stay active while meeting new people in the community! All games are played on Thursday nights at the BRIDGES Sports Fields located on the NW corner of 175th and Ridgeview in Olathe! We have a league for everybody as we have three divisions: Recreational, Intermediate, and Competitive!

Modifications for 2020: The volleyball season has been modified with no official league this year.  Rather, the current plan is to have "open court" nights on Thursdays at 7:00 beginning on June 25th.  These will continue through July 30th.  Nets will be set up for recreational, intermediate and competitive levels of play.  Teams will be determined as people show up. 


NFL Flag Football

BRIDGES NFL Flag Football is a coed league for kids 5-13 years of age. BRIDGES NFL Flag Football players participate in a 8-week schedule (including playoffs) on Saturdays in the Fall. We have 3 divisions: A Young Division (approximately ages 5-7), a Middle Division (approximately ages 8-10) and an Upper Division (approximately ages 11-13).  All games are played on the BRIDGES Football Fields located on the NW corner of 175th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, KS.

Fall 2020 Update:  We wanted to let everyone know that our BRIDGES NFL Flag Football season has been cancelled for this fall.  After much discussion and thought, this was an extremely tough decision made in the midst of obvious uncertainties we're all facing.  This decision was heavily influenced by the recent survey we sent out to last year's football participants.


Our Team

Get to Know Us


Executive Director

John Marra

Pastor, Living Hope Church

Lynn Medina

Administrative Assistant

Dan Zani

Soccer Coordinator

James and Jeni Rainforth

Volleyball Coordinator

Trevor Strong

Football Coordinator

Matt Edwards

Field Maintenance Coordinator

(Johnna Davis, Interim)

Concessions Coordinator

Brooke Coffey

Community Service Coordinator

Keith Davenport

Community Event Coordinator

Austin Chapman

Schedule and Referee Coordinator

Tim Stout

Photograph Coordinator



Our team sponsors help us to do what we do. BRIDGES would not be able to operate if we did not have team sponsors. If you are interested in being a team sponsor for any or all of the BRIDGES seasons, please email BRIDGES at bridgeskc@gmail.com

Below is a listing of the team partner sponsors! Be sure to support them with your business!!

Andrew L. Speicher, Attorney at Law
Brogan Painting & Remodeling
Dick's Sporting Goods
EPR Properties
Full Potential Solutions
Living Hope Church
SHIFT for Teens
Triune Financial Partners

Community Partner:  Mickey & Hollis Roberts







Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policy Information

Cancellation of Games

BRIDGES will decide when games are cancelled. When possible, BRIDGES will collaborate with coaches and the BRIDGES Leadership Team. Cancellations will be communicated (usually via text) to the coaches and will be announced here on our website.

Extreme temperatures:

- If the temperature falls below 32 degrees, we recommend that consideration be given to cancellation of the games. Factors to be considered are the age of the children, if there is any falling precipitation, and coaches preferences. A final decision will be made after a consultation with the program director.

- if the temperature is above 95 degrees, we recommend water breaks every 15 minutes.

Protection of fields:

- We will not play or continue to play if it is raining hard.

- We will not be able to play if fields are excessively wet even after the rain has stopped.

Other weather related conditions:

- We will not play when lightning is visible or if thunder can be heard.

- We will not play if there is a tornado warning in effect for our area.

- If a game is in progress and either of the above occurs, play will be paused until conditions have adequately improved.


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